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Sample Photograph Image

CROP the image so it looks like this


CROP the signature to its extremities

and be as near Black & White as you can get


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Insert First Name and Surname
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Full Name is important as this is used as
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Example …Joe Bloggs…

Enter Maiden Name if appropriate

Enter the Date of Birth if the person is under 18

In Address enter
House number and Street Name

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For Signature …..Choose File to access the image from your computer
It must be a JPEG image and as B & W as possible
Allow a short time for upload

For Photograph …..Choose File to access the image from your computer
It must be head and shoulders ONLY and a JPEG
allow a short time for upload

Please make sure the images are in the upright position

Don’t worry if you only see part of the image

Enter your Email Address for receipt and in case any of the above is not correct

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