Registration Rules

Registration Rules

  1. Bands may register their players with the NIBA through the Membership & Registration Secretary. Registered players will be recorded in the official Registry Database.


  1. Pursuant to Constitution and General Rule 16, each band shall pay an annual subscription, which will include registration of players, as detailed and categorised in Annex 1 to these Rules. All registrations and transfers between bands will be free within each category. Exceeding the number of registered players in any category will require the full difference to be paid for the next category. Any band newly admitted to membership of the NIBA will only be required to pay half of the appropriate subscription for its first year of membership.


  1. The following is required for the registration of each player of each band: (a) full forenames and surname, (b) full postal address, (c) recent passport style photograph, (d) usual signature. This information may be provided to the Membership & Registration Secretary electronically. It will be held electronically by the Membership & Registration Secretary and will also include the player’s date of registration, and any data relating to transfers in preceding years.


  1. A band organisation may consist of one or more bands of similar instrumentation. Bands may be brass, melody flute, concert flute, accordion or concert in type of instrumentation. A player will only be permitted to register with one band of each type. Registration with more than one band type will be termed “multiple registration” for the purposes of the NIBA Rules.


  1. The Membership & Registration Secretary will maintain an electronic registry of players, which will include the players’ information, the dates of registration, and any data relating to transfers in preceding years. The information held in the registry may be inspected at any reasonable time and upon reasonable notice being given to the Membership & Registration Secretary. All information on the registry will be held solely for the purpose of player registration and access to the information will be restricted to specific personnel identified by the NIBA.


  1. The NIBA registration year will run from the 1st of January to the 31st December, dates inclusive.


  1. Each year, in December, the appropriate Secretary of each member band will be sent a membership renewal notification, which will include, where applicable, a list of registered players currently held in the Registry. The list shall be returned to the Membership & Registration Secretary by the 31st of December indicating the desired renewal or cancellation of each player registration together with the appropriate subscription. All player registrations will cease on the 1st of January and, in accordance with Constitution and General Rule 16, the appropriate subscription must paid by the 31st of January.


  1. Any player attending a non-specialised day school will be permitted to register with his or her school band and one other band of the same type as their school band and will be deemed to be in multiple registration. Such players will also be permitted to register with other band types in accordance with Registration Rule 4. The NIBA may require the school principal to certify that the player is attending the school and may request the certification to be renewed in September each year. The term “day school” means an educational establishment where the standard of education is no higher than University Entrance Examination level.


  1. Player registrations can only be cancelled in accordance with Registration Rule 7.


  1. The NIBA reserves the right to request a recent photograph of any registered player. Such requests will be made through the appropriate band Secretary.